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Spartan Supper is leading a revolution in computer-optimized diets

Spartan Supper is in pre-alpha stage and will be seeking seed funding in Fall 2015 and beta testers in Winter 2015

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Computer generated diets have endless variety and optimal nutrition. Every single diet generated contains all the vitamin and minerals you need for the day and can be customized to suit any food restrictions, or nutritional goals.


All the diets are built by a computer program. The program uses a database of thousands of foods and advanced numerical optimization to find diets that meet your goals:

  • maximize protein and minimize fat, or
  • keep calories below 1500, but include ice cream, or
  • minimize carbohydrates and maximize omega 3:6 ratio
  • a vegetarian diet with minimum weight and calories


The program uses nutritional requirements from the Institute of Medicine Dietary Reference, amino acid requirements from Rose (1968) , and nutritional data from the US Dept. of Agriculture National Nutrient Database for Standard Reference.


Spartan Supper can minimize or maximize anything, and filter specific foods - leading to endless niche diets,

  • Simple, inexpensive, 3-item diet: diet (2000 cal)
  • Paleo, maximizing protein and minimizing omega 6:3 ratio: diet (273g protein)
  • Cutting diet, maximizing protein with very low calories: diet (154g protein, 1000 cal)
  • Low-carb diet: diet (8g carb, 2000 cal)
  • Vegetarian diet: diet

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The full version of Spartan Supper can do so much more, but try Spartan Supper Lite to make random, nutritionally complete diets. Spartan Supper Lite diets are nutritionally complete but are not customizable like in the upcoming full version.